A revolutionary online, real-time sports gaming platform with legal cash gaming and deep advertising revenue opportunities.

Play Realtime

Unlike existing players in fantasy sports, our games are all realtime – played via an app on your phone with your friends while the game airs for live broadcast. It's you, your friends and the game, featuring your favorite teams. We're also bringing the audience's attention back to the main-screen, reigniting fading broadcast branding and marketing viewership.

Each game represents countless opportunities to engage and test your skills against one or more other players, whilst never taking your attention off the excitement of the live game.

Totally legal cash gaming

We’re the only legal framework for cash gaming. Knight Games (KG) is building a LEGAL, skill-based cash gaming platform, directly architected from material contained in recent rulings by the Department of Justice, and further, laws local to each of the 50 U.S. States.

Knight Games is NOT a gambling company, nor is it considered Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). We’ve done significant due diligence on why Daily Fantasy Sports has been deemed illegal in some states and legal in others to create a model that's legal and sustainable.

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Why now?
...and what's different.

It's the ultimate social sports game

Pit your skills against your friends in the room whilst watching the live game or challenge other players nationwide. Best of all, our games are all based on your skill level instead of luck.

Challengers will rise, but the best player wins!

It's all about seizing the moments in the game that really matter...

Every game is packed with play-by-play opportunities to pit your skills against one-another. The realtime component keeps the pace fast and exhilarating.

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A game platform for brands
that's bringing eyes back to the mainscreen

Viewership data

Discover how your branding and advertising efforts are aligning to player attention span and gameplay

Custom games

Contact us to create custom sports games that keep fans engaged and celebrating your brand.

Timing's everything

Our games time your branding efforts in-app with advertising in the live broadcast, increasing viewer attention.

Engage fans

Players are engaged with your advertising whilst enjoying exciting social games, creating positive, powerful associations.

The game goes to the bold. The first.

We're releasing the first games on a limited basis. Be amongst the first to get in on the game. We're also raising our seed round - access the pitchdeck to learn more.